Willow Suction Strainers for Greater Manchester Fire Brigade

Well, believe it or not, basketry still has a defined place in this modern and technological age! Willow slipper and suction strainers are baskets designed to cover the end of the suction hoses used to take up water from ponds, streams etc. and act as a preliminary filter taking out the weeds and debris, and this week I will be starting an order for Greater Manchester Fire Service. Apparently, there are some plastic versions, but as you can imagine, with the rough handling that they have to withstand, they tend to fracture – unlike a woven structure which flexes!

Tatton Park RHS Flower Show

Partington Parish Council are creating a garden for the RHS Show at Tatton, and naturally the theme is the Olypmics, so I will be working with another artist Julie Vernon to weave an Archer as a feature for the design which is based on 3 archery targets. The framework will be made of hazel and 2 and 3 year old willow, and woven over 2 days with a local school.